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Washington Incentives

In 2005, the State of Washington enacted progressive solar legislation to promote the development of a local solar industry, local jobs, and clean, renewable power generation. The largest incentives are for solar arrays built in Washington state, such as Silicon Energy (which is a high quality system recommended and installed by Shoreline Electric.)

For additional information on WA State, Federal, and local WA utility incentives, please see the following links.



¹ The above incentive information is provided as an overview of incentives that maybe available to you.  This information is not intended to provide tax, legal, or financial advice.  Please consult with a CPA or a tax attorney to determine your eligibility and the impact on your specific financial situation.

² The Silicon Energy Cascade PV Module & Installation System is manufactured in Washington and is recognized by the Washington State Department of Revenue as a Made-in-Washington PV module.

³ The Silicon Energy Solar Inverter System is recognized as manufactured in Washington state by the Washington State Department of Revenue.

Washington Solar Incentive Summary Table¹



Inverter ($/kWh)

Silicon Energy Solar Inverter System³

Inverter ($/kWh)

Silicon Energy Solar Inverter System³

Imported PV





Silicon Energy PV





Available Solar Incentives¹

WA Solar Incentive

Up to $5,000/year through 6/30/2020

Federal Incentive

30% tax credit for systems placed in service before 12/31/2016

Local WA Utilities Incentive.

Contact your local utility for details

Net Metering

Your electric meter runs backward, reducing your electric bill.

WA Sales Tax Exemption

75 ~ 100% sales tax exemption, depending on system size.

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