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Facts About
Solar Power

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Does Solar Energy
Really Make Sense
in the Pacific NW?

With all the cloudy and rainy days we have each winter, it may surprised you to learn the answer is YES!

Although we think of the Pacific Northwest as a place where there is little solar capacity, in actuality the solar energy here is quite good, only about 40% less than the solar capacity in southern California. Also, Washington State receives more sunlight than Germany, which is the world's leader in solar energy.

When an "On-Grid" solar array is installed, it is connected to the local PUD. This means you can sell back the excess energy you generate throughout the year. Energy sold back will be deducted from any energy purchased. And as electricity costs increase in the future, this energy credit deal will only get better.

Another interesting fact about solar cells is how they react to different light intensities. When light intensity decreases (read clouds) current output drops. However, cell output voltage is not so greatly affected. Voltage remains high even in low sunlight conditions (read rain). This means that a solar arrays will produce some current at an appropriately high voltage even under gray and cloudy skies.

Then there are the financial incentives here in Washington state that can cut your costs. Home owners and businesses can earn money for every kilowatt they generate and sell back to the local PUD. Plus, there tax credits available that will pay up to 30% of the cost of purchasing and installing photovoltaic systems.



Find out what the US Department of Energy says about using solar in Seattle by clicking above.

Shoreline Electric Can Help With
Your Home Solar Installation

At Shoreline Electric, we design and install renewable solar energy systems for residences in Seattle and throughout the Pacific NW.

Homeowners are discovering the beauty of solar electricity. It's a good financial decision – and it's a good environmental decisions. “Going green” isn’t just a catchphrase anymore – it’s a real option for northwest homeowners.

Energy Independence

Clean energy from the sun is yours to harness today to power your home. And once installed, a solar array will go on generating free power long after it has paid for itself. In effect, you are your own power company -- with your own source of clean renewable fuel.

Here in Washington state, we've been fortunate to have a good supply of low cost hydroelectric power. However, that is not guaranteed in the future. We have a growing local population and no additional hydro resources. Other parts of the country have already seen energy costs escalate during recent "energy crises".

Is This The Right Time to Go Solar?

Many home owners feel this is the best time to go solar. The reason for this is the rebates and tax incentives being offered by federal, state and local government for a limited time. These programs can help pay for the system and guarantee to buy any excess power you generate.

Why Choose Shoreline Electric?

There are many "solar installers" that can sell you a solar array. However, many of these installers are not licensed electrical contractors. They have to hire subcontractors to handle critical electric wiring and hookup.

Shoreline Electric is a fully licensed, bonded and insured electrical contractor in the state of Washington. As such, we employ Certified Journeyman Electricians for your entire project. This is your assurance that all state and local regulations are met and that all critical electric issues are being performed by an experienced professional.

 Rebates and Tax Incentives
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